Coat of Arms illustrated


 Servus Domini (Servant of the Lord)

The dove looking down on the open Bible

This symbolizes the gift of the Holy Spirit to all humanity. The Spirit is the one who gives life and meaning to the Word of God. Our lives as Christians are moulded and guided by the Word which was inspired by the Spirit.

The blue background in the panel

symbolizes rain/water (pula). In Botswana due to the climatic conditions the value of rain is highly appreciated by all. Rain gives life and is a gift from God. I will seek the inspiration of the Spirit and the guidance of God’s Word in my life and ministry. I desire all people to know God’s Word and live by it.

Two hands and a broken chain

This is a symbol of emancipation. We who were slaves to sin and addictions of all sorts have been offered freedom in Jesus Christ. In Jesus we have salvation and freedom of the children of God.

A herd boy (cow boy) and two cows

This symbolizes the rich culture, wealth and tradition of the people of Botswana. We help build the kingdom of God in concrete life situations among specific groups of people whose culture and tradition form the field (ground) in which the seed of Christian faith is planted and nurtured.