Youth Department

Youth Ministry in the diocese of Francistown is the Pastoral care of young people. It is under the Youth Chaplaincy charged with the responsibility of giving an integral Christian formation to all young people in Parishes and Institutions so that they can become faithful leaders of the Church of today and tomorrow. The ministry also helps the young people to face life and its challenges maturely, to discover their talents and offer them for the service of mankind and to take active participation in the entire life of the Church. The ministry considers all aspects of formation of a human person from the point of view of intellectual formation, spiritual formation, human formation (psychological, emotional etc.), socio-economic formation, and ecclesial formation. We achieve all these through active participation of youth in parish programmes, youth rallies, organization of Seminars on formation, Retreats, Recollections, Celebrations of the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Penance, Catechesis (General doctrine – questions and answers), Youth Camps, sporting activities, social activities such as games, cultural jamboree, music competition, debates, excursions, evasion programs, and World Youth Days etc. These activities take place at Missions, Parishes, Deanery and diocesan, WYDs Levels. It is through this medium that integral formation is given to the youth who are divided into the various youth groups and ages to facilitate their formation. For a better comprehension of the Youth Ministry in the diocese, the below Structure serves the purpose.


0-14 Holy Childhood

15-20 Youth

21-35 Young Adults


  • Bishop of Francistown
  • diocesan Youth Chaplain
  • Diocesan youth/Young adults groups
  • diocesan Youth Coordinator
  • Deanery Youth Chaplains
  • Parish Youth Chairs
  • Adults Accompaniments
  • Diocesan Youth Formation Team

            Diocesan Youth Chaplain

            Youth formation Coordinator
            Two Youth Animators (Male and Female)
            Coordinator of Student Catechesis
            Youth Workers
            diocesan Chiro Youth Movement (Male and Female)
            diocesan Youth Council (DYC)
            Deanery Youth Council (DYC)
•Parish Youth Council (PYC)
•diocesan Youth Apostolate Commission
•Deanery Youth Apostolate Commission
•Parish Youth Apostolate Commission
•Mission Youth Apostolate Commission
•Small Christian Community
•The Family
•The Individual Youth


It is composed of the Youth Chaplain, a Religious, Catechist and some Lay faithful. These are appointed or elected. The elected men and women should be permanently resident in the communities concerned and should be mature individuals in the Faith, able to understand the young people and stand for them in the adult community. They should all be interested in their growth processes, activities and realize that they are the Church of today and tomorrow. In addition, two Youth Councillors, a male and female together with two representatives from all youth groups.

•To challenge the young to take up great ideals in life, especially great Christian ideals and above all the ideal of holiness.
•To help the youth develop a sense of respect for each other and unity among themselves.
•To ensure that youth activities are well planned, carried out and coordinated.
•To make the youth realize that Pastoral Agents and Youth Animators can only accompany them, they cannot take over their lives. Therefore, they are to take full responsibilities for their lives.
•To make the adults understand that the young people have their own share to contribute to the Church and Society.
•To help the young to develop integrally.
•To help the young people to take up their role in the Church and Society through their different Youth Groups.
•To help young people to take up their responsibilities in their immediate families, since all Youth Ministry is an extension of the Family Ministry.
•To encourage the non-associated youths to belong to youth groups.
•To help the young people realize the need to work in collaboration with the Parish Priest and the entire Christian Community.


YOUTH GROUPS Since the Youth Ministry is an extension of the Family Ministry and to ensure continuity and maximum cooperation and understanding, the various Main Line Youth Groups are arranged to realize this. Young people will function well when they have almost the same level of understanding and mentality. 

This will ensure maximum cooperation, facilitate freedom of expression, provide a good opportunity for the exercise of leadership qualities, simplify sharing of ideas etc. The idea is, as children receive First Holy Communion they are introduced and encouraged to join the Mass Servers and Holy childhood so that they can make alive the Spirit enkindled in them. When they proceed to the Secondary School, they now join the Young Christian Students (YCS) so that their identity as Catholic Christian should be maintained and nourished. 

When they come back to the Parish they come together to function and participate fully in the life of the Parish as a group organizing youth activities that will bring them together as well as educate them. Whey they continue to the University level, they join the Catholic University Students Association (CUSA). This group is not only meant for those in the Universities but also those in other higher levels of learning. It includes graduates. 

This group can contribute enormously in the life of the Parish especially in the level of Commissions so that they can use their various disciplines to fortify pastoral activities. This group should exists in Universities, Higher Institutions and in Parishes. The group in the University or Institution is considered as a branch, this is because it will include members from different Dioceses and Parishes and when they go back to the Parishes during holidays and after studies take full active participation in the life of the Parish. 

The other Youth in other works of life and those who are not in institutions or colleges join the Young Christian Workers (YCW). Then, there are also some Youth Groups that came up along the line with some particular points of departure such as Catholic Students Association (CSA), Charismatic Youth Prayer Group (COJ), and Youth Alive Club (YAC), (that is Student Group, Youth Prayer Group and Youth Club respectively). Chiro Youth Movement (CYM) Youth for Christ (YFC) considering that these groups have a spirituality that involves everyone, it welcomes youth in all age groups. Members of these groups belong or flow from the Main Line Youth groups. 

There is another group made up of young people called the VOCATIONS CLUB GROUP. This is a group emphasize on praying for vocations more especially vocations to Priestly, Religious and marriage Life. That is why there is Vocations directors who organizes their activities and gives them a special care. The fact that they are in this group does not cut them away from youth activities.